Bookmarks and Button Badges


We've enhanced our range of bookmarks this year because we know that these are such useful gift for your volunteers.  Give them one for NVW week or anytime throughout the year - we bet you'll find a book on most volunteer's bedside tables! We have the skills to customise one for you or make changes to our existing designs and our minimum order quantities vary depending on which design you prefer.  Our standard size bookmark shown on our website is 50 x 200mm but we are happy to produce smaller ones if you prefer, just contact us to discuss this.   We even have added a foster carer bookmark to our range this year, we know how special foster carers are and we wanted to acknowledge them too! 


Button Badges 

Button badges are a cute way of saying thanks to your volunteers.  We can whip up a design for you including your wording and organise your order for however many you need. Our range online-only shows 55cm badges - that's because we think they are the best value in terms of the print area, however, if you'd prefer a smaller size please let us know and we'll quote for you. 


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