Customised Lapel Pins and Medallions

We know that volunteers relish having their contribution acknowledged. They may not expect it, but they appreciate knowing that their contribution is important to you and is being recognised .  Lapel pins, given as part of a volunteer recognition program, not only help to acknowledge their accomplishments, they also support volunteer engagement and loyalty.   We can supply lapel pins or medallions to suit your recognition needs. 


Understanding lapel pins can be complicated, so we've created a simple summary to help you know which type of pin is best suited to your organisation .


Die Struck Lapel Pins – Soft Enamel or Hard Enamel

Soft enamel lapel pins have recessed enamel, while hard enamel lapel pins are polished flat giving them both different looks, even though they are both made from the same type of mould .   


Soft Enamel

Soft enamel pins are the most economical choice for lapel pins and are one of the most popular types of custom lapel pins.  They can be made from either; Iron, Brass, Copper or Zinc Alloy. The pin is struck or stamped to create slightly raised metal borders, then the recessed areas are injected with Pantone PMS coloured enamel which is then put in ovens which bakes the enamel.  The enamel is only applied once, therefore is at a lower level than the metal borders creating an embossed look and feel to the pin.  Soft enamel pins work best with designs that have clearly defined and separated colours .  It is also possible to create a smooth finish by adding a clear epoxy (resin) coating.  Soft enamel pins can be less scratch resistant.   


Hard Enamel

The process for hard enamel lapel pins is far more involved than soft enamel pins. The moulding process starts out the same; however, the enamel is added several times so that it rises to the height of the metal borders.  It is heated at very high temperatures to cure the enamel and then polished smooth so that you are unable to feel the metal ridges.  Hard enamel pins are made from high-quality copper and can be known as Cloisonné lapel pins. Hard enamel pins are long lasting and durable and a professional looking choice for recognition or corporate pins.


Photo Lapel Pin

An image or artwork is printed and applied to the pin which is then covered with an epoxy resin. As you do not have metal lines separating colours , the design or logo can be recreated exactly and is easier to colour match PMS colours . These pins can be made of Brass, Stainless Steel or Aluminium.  There are two printing options: 

Offset printing or 4 color process printing which offers a  full-colour quality image of your design. Offset printing is a great option as you wish your pin will be completely the same as your design as they can print intricate designs, fine detail and gradient colours .   

Screen Printing is appropriate if your design has solid colors.  Individual colours are printed after each other another, gradients will not be shown. The colors are normally based on PMS Pantone Color.


Backing Options

Primarily Butterfly clutches are used with lapel pins, however other options include safety pin or magnetic clutches.  


Please contact us for a quote for your lapel pin requirements as pricing will depend on the: the  number of moulds ; quantity required for each design, size of the lapel pin and; type of lapel pin that best suits your organisation


Allow up to 4 weeks for delivery after final artwork signoff.