Lapel Pins & Name Badges

Lapel Pins  


Our range of Lapel Pins has been specially designed for volunteers and are unique to Volunteer Gifts Australia.  We recognised that there were no volunteer specific pins available and that it was difficult for our clients to celebrate volunteer milestones and contribution so we created a range.  We hope to continue to grow the range as we evolve. 


Prefer your own lapel pin designs?  This year, we're introducing our custom lapel pin program.  Let us help you design and create your own range of volunteer recognition pins.  We know that it can be quite a daunting processing if you've never produced lapel pins before, we will take care of the design and manufacture process for you....just ask us.  


Name Badges 


Name Badges - We introduced our name badges during 2018 after a client was specifically seeking a name badge for their volunteers that allowed for large print and readability by their elderly or vision impaired clients.  Our client also felt that name badges would be a positive message to the volunteers that they play an important role in the organisation.  They were thrilled with the results and so were their volunteers.