Name Badges

Name Badges & Fridge Magnets


Name Badges - We introduced our name badges during 2018 after a client was specifically seeking a name badge for their volunteers that allowed for large print and readability by their elderly or vision impaired clients.  Our client also felt that name badges would be a positive message to the volunteers that they play an important role in the organisation.  They were thrilled with the results and so were their volunteers.


Fridge magnets come in varying styles, materials, shapes and sizes and we've only got a few on our website for you to consider but have access to a whole range of sizes, so please let us know what you are looking for if it's not on our website.  Again our designs shown on the website are only examples and we can create alternate artwork or wording to suit your requirements.  If you just want your logo that's ok too, we can manage that. Our range includes; fridge magnets, acrylic fridge magnets and Tin Gallery Magnets. These are a fantastic keepsake that can be on your volunteer's fridge for many years. 


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