About Us


Volunteer Gifts Australia is a unique business, dedicated to supporting leaders of volunteers to acknowledge their volunteer's contribution.  We have experience in volunteer management so we understand how the sector works and importantly, how volunteers help you achieve your mission.   We work solely with not for profits to support their program needs, so that we can help you, help others. 


Please continue to learn more about us by using the pull-down tabs above and we look forward to helping you bring your volunteer gift ideas to life.   


Volunteer Gifts Australia is a member of APPA (Australasian Promotional Products Association), this means we are bound by the APPA Code of Ethics which encourages productive, ethical, and mutually beneficial relationships across supply chains which ultimately benefits end users - our clients.  Another benefit of our APPA membership is our ability to access products from a much wider range of suppliers than we previously were.  That means if you don't find something on our website you are considering, please let us know and we can most likely access it through industry contacts.